AGM 2018

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2pm Registration

Committee Members Present
Stephen Helley
Roger Daws
Nick McFarlane
Kathryn Field

PADSA Members Present
Bernice Turner
Stephen Turner
Anne- Marie Turner
Mark Reynolds
Frank Reynolds
Barry Hardman Committee Member
Gareth Clark
Bev Adams

Agenda Item 1 Chairmans and Vice Chairman Speeches

Chairmans Speech from Steve Helley

Before we start there are a few house keeping things I need to make you aware that in the event of an emergency there are a few wheelchair exits which are signposted. There is also a chair lift to the disabled toilet or if you prefer there is access through the main door. I would like to thank everyone for attending today and it also gives me an opportunity to thank the board and the staff at Plymouth Argyle who continue to lend their support. Also, a big thank you to the Green Taverners for their continued support and allowing us to hold our AGM here today and I believe Roger is going to say a few things regarding the Taverners.

Sadly Steph Barker who you all probably know as the club nurse and more recently the DLO for the club has left and we await her replacement and hope we have as good a relationship with them as we did with her. A new DLO is hoping to be appointed by the end of October 2018.Our continued thanks also go out to the Ambassadors who have helped ease the difficult times of moving seats for this season. We continue to be involved with Level Playing Fields initiative. Roger and I are going to Bristol Rovers next week for the Annual Consortium meeting of west country clubs.

The past year has been an eventful one both on and off the pitch. As you know on the pitch we had a brilliant season not only staying up but narrowly missing out on the play offs. Off the pitch our Secretary Sue stood down so a big thanks for all her input and support. Sue carried out an enormous amount of work and we struggled for a few months to get on track. Together with the Grandstand being closed for refurbishment and the loss of the PADSA lounge it has been a challenging time. Unfortunately, the information held on our lap top was corrupted and therefore we couldn’t access it however undeterred we started again and are now heading in the right direction. We also have had good communication with James Brent and after a meeting in the early part of the year Roger and I had a commitment that almost all our wishes in the new grandstand would be honoured. I have now attended nearly all the Grandstand meetings and have been pleased with the outcome to date. Obviously, the season ahead is going to be challenging with seating and parking but I’m sure with the club on board we will do our best to make it enjoyable. This season we are sponsoring Gregg Wild and we hope he does well. Last season’s player of the year was Graham Carey.

I would like to point out at this stage that PADSA are not a platform for disability rights we are all volunteers and give up our time free of charge to improve things. Many of us have other interests and busy lives. We don’t always get it right, but we try our hardest to improve things. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank the Committee for their work. As a Committee we have decided to postpone the introduction of paid membership for twelve months and reduce our newsletters to one a year this has been brought about by high postal and printing costs. much of our news is posted on our Facebook page and our web site.

I would like to say a few words regarding the PADSA lounge that we enjoyed last season. It was far and away one of the best things PADSA has been involved with it not only gave us refuge from the weather but more importantly it gave us a meeting place and I’m pleased to say this was used extensively on match days. Sadly, we had to let it go this season due to its location and the new grandstand build. This together with the ambassadors made an enormous difference last season

At the moment things on the pitch look as challenging as those off the pitch. I am sure you’ll all agree that this year has been and continues to be a challenge however we all hope it will be worth it. It is next season we will bring the club to task if they do not fulfil their promises on the grandstand the shop and the new box office.

Sadly, we lost one of our big supporters in Pauline who sadly passed away. Pauline was a great supporter of PADSA and regularly attended functions we held.

There is a small raffle afterwards and a pasty so give generously and once again thank you for everyone’s continued support.

It will be a tough year ahead as members are currently scattered through out the ground as the developments take place. The Argyle shop is also smaller but electronic doors have been requested to make access easier for wheel chair users.

Vice Chairmans Speech – Roger Daws

I feel as a committee we have really moved forward in the last twelve months in our relationship with the club.

I was really sorry to see Sue leave as she was a rock as far as PADSA are concerned and we have found it very hard to replace her but with Kathryn now taking up her role I believe she will be an ideal replacement.

Steve and I were invited to attend a meeting with Mr Brent, Zac and Tony over the new grandstand. We raised fifteen points for discussion and we were pleased to walk away with 14 of them agreed to be met. The committee voted on this and agreed to give their blessing to the project. We have ensured our relationship with the Green Taverners moves forward a great deal and look forward to a successful time and thank them for the shirts for our committee members which they have sponsored.

We have been in talks with the Taverners about access in the new supporters’ bar and have been overwhelmed by the help and consideration given to us by the Taverners.

A larger lift has been put in to be able to get larger wheelchairs in and a area will be accessible for our members in the new build. I would personally like to thank Gary and his team for their support.

Agenda Item 2

Treasurers Report – Unfortunately due to a last-minute work matter Barry was unable to attend todays meeting but sent the figures through to Chairman Steve Helley

Balance of PADSA account currently stands at just over £12,000

However the revenue stream has currently dried up as income came from kiosk profits

Agenda Item 3
Re- election of Committee Members
Each Committee member was asked if they would like to be re-elected for the up coming year everyone was happy to be re-elected for another year. Fellow members present were also asked if they would like to become part of committee but due to other commitments no new committee members were elected.
For the coming year the following members were re-elected
Stephen Helley – Chair
Roger Daws – Vice Chair
Barry Hardman – Treasurer – re-elected in his absence
Nick McFarlane – Non – executive committee member
Kathryn Field – Secretary

Agenda Item 4
Open Questions from Members
Questions raised
James Brent is stepping down this month have PADSA had any experience of the new Director Simon Hallett?
Steve and Roger have already asked for a meeting with Simon Hallett – currently awaiting a date for this meeting.

Any Other Business
Steve announced they have been able to sell the toilet from the PADSA lounge for £250 to a local firm. Also looking to sell of the PADSA Lounge
Steve and Anne Marie won 2 tickets for the Xmas Lunch, Steve to issue them their tickets for this event

Meeting Closed

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