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As my previous post things are moving at a pace now. It was sad to see our last match from our stand however the result made up for it. As far as next week is concerned we have asked the club to post someone on the disabled entrance in case there are some who have not heard the news or haven’t understood whats happening. I have asked if this person could hold a few paper tickets so that they won’t be turned away. This will be very limited as the game is nearly sold out. We have broached the subject of a golf buggy to get ambiant disabled to and fro to their seats. This has been a none starter in that we cannot rent one and there are huge insurance implications i.e. driver third party in case of accidents.Our disabled ambassadors x 3 will be coming across with us one in the devonport end and one in lyndhurst the other being mobile between the two. we have also asked for the stewards to be aware of early leavers and those who want to stand up in front of those in the lower seats. This is going to be very challenging especially if we get a penalty like Saturday. Parking is again going to be a huge issue as the contractors are due to move in the next few days we are still negotiating with the club on this. We are hoping that the toilet facilities will be monitored by staff so that only those people who need the disabled facilities are using them . I think we will encounter problems along the way but we are working with the club and I’m sure anything that comes up we will be able to resolve. I know there has been a few issues at the box office and some of the staff have been blunt in their response the club have apologised for this and they recognise they are under huge pressure with the move and accommodating over a thousand supporters from the Grandstand. I hope these updates help

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