Disabled Enclosure moving

Hi all I have now received an answer to my points and those who have written on here from the club it reads as follows

Ambulant disabled supporters pay the standard price for their tickets. The only exception to this is those ambulant disabled supporters who chose to sit in the disabled enclosure and have received discounted tickets for a number of years. This discount was applied because of the sub standard facilities available in that area of the ground. For next season the current disabled stand will not be in use so as all ambulant disabled fans will be able to enjoy the same standard of facilities it is only fair that they pay the same price.

Ticket prices and concession are kept under constant review and are formally discussed each season. Feedback from supporters is taken very seriously and a number of changes, beneficial to supporters for next season, are as a direct result of fans contacting the club

Wheelchair users get a discount because they have no choice but to view the match from pitch side (or for those who were previously in the Disabled stand for the same reason as above -sub standard facilities).

Grandstand seats classed as restricted view do not attract a discount. Having discussed this with the ticket office staff, the designation of restricted view is advised the point of sale – most of these seats still offer a reasonably good view of the pitch.

The current disabled stand will be modified and have its seats removed to facilitate the fitting of the control room. Relocation of the control room is necessary at an early stage to allow for the construction of the new players facility in the corner of the ground where the current control room is. In addition, access to the current enclosure would not be possible due to the footprint of the contractors building site.

Any disruption to supporters is regretted, but the regenerated Grandstand will provide an opportunity for ALL supporters to watch Argyle from amongst the best seats in the house, regardless of their physical ability.

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