Just a short update on a committee meeting we had this afternoon. It was agreed to wave the implantation of membership fees for twelve months. Also agreed was that we write to all members from our historic list as the new GDPR or general data protection regulations doesn’t allow us to use your details unless you give us permission. So in the coming weeks you should get a letter asking if you wish to remain a member of PADSA baring in mind we can be a go between you and the club and in most cases resolve issues and of course ticketing if we are fortunate enough to get a cup run. Unfortunatly we have lost the use of the PADSA lounge for next season due to the building works.

An article on Facebook regarding old rail stock being used therefore not wheelchair friendly was brought to our attention. We are concerned this may affect travelling supporters. Roger Daw deputy chairs son has spoke to Luke Pollard MP who was due to speak Chris Grailing Transport Secretary this afternoon so watch this space.

The Green Tavaners are more than happy for us to use their premises pre match and their new premises which hopefully will be available in October will also be Disabled friendly.

Kathryn Field has agreed to help out with Secretarial duties so we welcome her. I think this was the main points so any comments get in touch

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