Liverpool Tickets

Well we have had lots of communication with the club today and I am assured we will get tickets.
Issues such as we cant get ticketing online as now been put on the website to inform you of this also where the ambulant will be sitting.
Ambulant disabled will be allocated in the bottom tier. If you require to sit else where you need to let the ticket office know. You can ring the ticket office 01752 907700 to get tickets but aware they are busy and they are cutting you off.
Wheelchair spaces will be for those who require this.
Any wheelchair users need to advise the club if they wish to travel by coach we are waiting clarification if this means those who can transfer from a wheelchair to a seat or if accessible travel will be available. Coach travel is £40 and needs to be paid for in cash or cheque. Time to be confirmed of leaving around 5am.
Tickets are available on boxing day from 9am. If you are going or need assistance there will be stewards who will assist you.
I am hoping tomorrow to be able to sort out a better way for the disabled to get tickets. Rick Cowdery who is temporary DLO is aware of the all issues arising from the issues we are facing from ourselves . We are disappointed as we have bought up this issue time and time again and are looking to get a better way to sort out the ticketing issuing.
He can be contacted

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