New Shop Access

This is from Steve Helley

Had a visit to the shop at Argyle this morning looking at access. The shop is due to open on Tuesday morning. Firstly I would say that I tried to look at issues from multiple Disabiities however I am a wheelchair user and am not as familiar with other disabilities, that said my observations are as follows. The door entrance is wide and level however this has not been automated as yet but we are looking at this with the club and hopefully this will be resolved. The isles are wide and the rails are at a good height. I was impressed with the good lighting and with the white walls the whole room was bright. There is a wheelchair counter and the changing room was big enough to turn my wheelchair in. There are no doors to the changing room but a heavy curtain. There is no furniture in the changing room at present so we need to look again when this is fitted. There is going to be a full length mirror and I have asked for a coat hanger to be at a lower level. Obviously staff training is important when help is needed i.e. mental health issues learning disabilities etc. This should be a carry over from the old shop so hopefully this will happen. I am open to any suggestions or thoughts as the club are keen to have feed back so when you visit the shop if you have any ideas feed them back thank you.

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