Just to let you know that our AGM is planned for Sunday 7th October 2pm to 4pm in the Green Taverners Suite.

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Any Disabled supporter wanting to travel to Yeovil on Sat 21st July 3pm,kick off can contact Sharon Swain on 07790375250 Sharon can provide Assistance or alternatively you can contact on WWW.YTFCDSA.NET

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Just a short update on a committee meeting we had this afternoon. It was agreed to wave the implantation of membership fees for twelve months. Also agreed was that we write to all members from our historic list as the new GDPR or general data protection regulations doesn’t allow us to use your details unless you give us permission. So in the coming weeks you should get a letter asking if you wish to remain a member of PADSA baring in mind we can be a go between you and the club and in most cases resolve issues and of course ticketing if we are fortunate enough to get a cup run. Unfortunatly we have lost the use of the PADSA lounge for next season due to the building works.

An article on Facebook regarding old rail stock being used therefore not wheelchair friendly was brought to our attention. We are concerned this may affect travelling supporters. Roger Daw deputy chairs son has spoke to Luke Pollard MP who was due to speak Chris Grailing Transport Secretary this afternoon so watch this space.

The Green Tavaners are more than happy for us to use their premises pre match and their new premises which hopefully will be available in October will also be Disabled friendly.

Kathryn Field has agreed to help out with Secretarial duties so we welcome her. I think this was the main points so any comments get in touch

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Player of Season

Sorry for the length of time since the last comment but holidays are upon us. Just to let everyone know that Graham Carey was voted player of the season for PADSA There was a variety of players receiving votes but Graham had the most. We plan to have a PADSA committee meeting in June so we can be ahead of the game for the coming season so if anyone has any input then contact us. Have a good Summer everyone see you in August

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Please give some thought to who you would like to see awarded the PADSA player of the year award. We are going to try and give the Ambassadors a slip of paper to hand out and collect if they are not to busy so if you see them and want to vote ask for a slip or enter here.

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Pompey game

Things passed relatively calmly yesterday I believe there were some ticketing issues in the devonport end but generally speaking it was without incident. The disabled end hadn’t had any work done on it and questions were asked why we had to vacate it. I have been assured however that the contractor had taken legal possession of the stand and all power had been cut off so health and safety wouldn’t allow it’s use.

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PADSA Lounge

Just to inform everyone who uses the PADSA lounge it will be CLOSED tomorrow. There is no electricity and therefore cannot be used.

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Disabled Enclosure moving

Hi all I have now received an answer to my points and those who have written on here from the club it reads as follows

Ambulant disabled supporters pay the standard price for their tickets. The only exception to this is those ambulant disabled supporters who chose to sit in the disabled enclosure and have received discounted tickets for a number of years. This discount was applied because of the sub standard facilities available in that area of the ground. For next season the current disabled stand will not be in use so as all ambulant disabled fans will be able to enjoy the same standard of facilities it is only fair that they pay the same price.

Ticket prices and concession are kept under constant review and are formally discussed each season. Feedback from supporters is taken very seriously and a number of changes, beneficial to supporters for next season, are as a direct result of fans contacting the club

Wheelchair users get a discount because they have no choice but to view the match from pitch side (or for those who were previously in the Disabled stand for the same reason as above -sub standard facilities).

Grandstand seats classed as restricted view do not attract a discount. Having discussed this with the ticket office staff, the designation of restricted view is advised the point of sale – most of these seats still offer a reasonably good view of the pitch.

The current disabled stand will be modified and have its seats removed to facilitate the fitting of the control room. Relocation of the control room is necessary at an early stage to allow for the construction of the new players facility in the corner of the ground where the current control room is. In addition, access to the current enclosure would not be possible due to the footprint of the contractors building site.

Any disruption to supporters is regretted, but the regenerated Grandstand will provide an opportunity for ALL supporters to watch Argyle from amongst the best seats in the house, regardless of their physical ability.

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Enclosure latest

As my previous post things are moving at a pace now. It was sad to see our last match from our stand however the result made up for it. As far as next week is concerned we have asked the club to post someone on the disabled entrance in case there are some who have not heard the news or haven’t understood whats happening. I have asked if this person could hold a few paper tickets so that they won’t be turned away. This will be very limited as the game is nearly sold out. We have broached the subject of a golf buggy to get ambiant disabled to and fro to their seats. This has been a none starter in that we cannot rent one and there are huge insurance implications i.e. driver third party in case of accidents.Our disabled ambassadors x 3 will be coming across with us one in the devonport end and one in lyndhurst the other being mobile between the two. we have also asked for the stewards to be aware of early leavers and those who want to stand up in front of those in the lower seats. This is going to be very challenging especially if we get a penalty like Saturday. Parking is again going to be a huge issue as the contractors are due to move in the next few days we are still negotiating with the club on this. We are hoping that the toilet facilities will be monitored by staff so that only those people who need the disabled facilities are using them . I think we will encounter problems along the way but we are working with the club and I’m sure anything that comes up we will be able to resolve. I know there has been a few issues at the box office and some of the staff have been blunt in their response the club have apologised for this and they recognise they are under huge pressure with the move and accommodating over a thousand supporters from the Grandstand. I hope these updates help

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Disabled Enclosure

As discussed previously the disabled stand was due to close at the end of the season. We have now been notified by the club that this has been brought forward and tomorrows game is the final game where we can use this stand. Most have been allocated paper tickets in block one for the final few games. The club have looked at all options for a raised platform for the wheelchair users but this has not been possible so again paper tickets are available at the box office for the Lindhurst stand at pitch level. This is not ideal however there is little option as the whole of the grandstand side will be a building site, and there are so many restrictions and health and safety laws and cost implications. This applies to next season as well. It is still unclear as to wether we can use the PADSA lounge for the rest of the season. There maybe a possibility we can move it however this maybe very expensive so we are still waiting to hear. Roger and I have been talking to the green taveners and there new build which is separate from anything the club are doing will be totally wheelchair friendly with a lift and toilet facilities and they are more than happy for PADSA members to join them and use their facilities. I think we can all agree that next season will be challenging however the new facilities are going to be outstanding so keep watching this space and our web page for updates.

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