AGM 2013 Minutes

Following registration, Nick McFarlane introduced the officials and guests and welcomed everyone to the meeting. He then gave all the housekeeping announcements.
Nick then introduced James Brent and Martyn Starnes and invited questions from the floor.

Griff Griffiths asked about the ambulant disabled and the location of toilets both during development and in the new stand.
DB stated that the toilet provision in the new part of the stadium is purpose built and considerably better than that in the Mayflower side. The stand, when it is built, will have all facilities requires by the DDA.

Barry Hendy expressed concern that with parking in Outland Road it would be difficult for some of the ambulant disabled to walk to their seats in the Lyndhurst and that the club might consider providing a buggy or a wheelchair to assist.
DB explained that although the club had not planned anything they would look into the possibility. If supporters had difficulty walking that distance in one go, they could enter the ground at the first turnstile and take as much time as they need by sitting in seats and moving whenever they felt able.

Alan Williams asked whether as a season ticket holder, he would be issued with a new ticket when he had to move seats to the Lyndhurst stand.
DB confirmed this would be the case.

Brian Henson expressed concern that the wheelchair seats in the horseshoe were open to the elements and was concerned that he would get soaking wet in inclement weather. He was also concerned that it would be dangerous for wheelchair users likely to be hit by footballs that were kicked hard at them.
DB explained that there was not an alternative during development to provide any other wheelchair locations other than at pitch level but that the new grandstand would have locations at all levels with suitable access and facilities.
Nick McFarlane stated that PADSA were looking into purchasing disposable ponchos and blankets for use by supporters.
DB stated that the club are looking into providing netting to put behind goals during warm up to prevent fans being hit by balls when not paying attention. It would not be as bad a problem during matches as fans will be watching the game and can anticipate any such problems.

Barry Francis asked whether all of the ground would be open for wheelchairs which was confirmed.

John Senna asked whether the development would provide higher standards, including a Big Screen which would be helpful for disabled supporters and a clock as well.
James Brent stated that the club looked at the possibility of doing this during construction but wanted to get it done properly with the likelihood of providing these facilities in the new grandstand.

Richard Noel expressed concerns that supporters in the Devonport tend to stand in the front of the stand and in so doing blocking the view of disabled supporters.
Steve Helley agreed and stated that this problem was bad in the pre-match period when supporters stood in front of the seats sometimes 3 deep. Wheelchairs were constantly being knocked. This was likely to be a bigger problem during redevelopment.
DB stated that stewards are briefed to try and prevent this from happening. Rather than being oppressive they have been asked to talk to supporters and try and explain the problem and educate them so that they do not want to stand there. This is a long term solution which the club are aware of and will try and alleviate.

A question was asked with regard to the Public Address system and whether it was being upgraded.
DB stated that the PA system was working well but that there were problems with individual announcers. The Emergency PA was a separate system and there are no issues with Health and Safety announcements. The club would be upgrading the system in line with the new grandstand build.

A question was then asked as to when the old grandstand was being demolished.
DB stated that it would still be in use for the Portsmouth match on 12 October and that likely demolition was hoped to be in mid to late November.

Steve Helley stated that there was a vast amount of experience within the ranks of PADSA and asked that this be tapped into during the new build.
It was agreed that this had been done during planning and would continue to happen.

Barry Hendy then thanked James Brent for the work he has done to save the club and to expedite its future development.

This was followed by a presentation to Barry Hardman to thank him for his work as the clubs DLO prior to him being made redundant.

At 1845 Sue Clark presented her Treasurers report.
At 1847 Nick McFarlane introduced the election of the committee. He explained that everyone was up for re-election.
Chairman Nick McFarlane Proposer Griff Griffiths
Seconder John Senna
Barry Hendy Proposer Barry Francis
Seconder Brian Henderson
Barry Hendy was elected on a show of hands 16 to 8.
Vice Chairman Steve Helley Proposer Sue Clark
Seconder Henry O’Mahoney
Nick McFarlane Proposer John Senna
Seconder Brian Henson
Steve Helley was elected on a show of hands 21 to 9.
Secretary Sue Clark was the only nominee and was duly elected
Treasurer Barry Hardman was the only nominee and was duly elected

Barry Hendy then asked Nick McFarlane if he was willing to continue to serve on the committee as webmaster and newsletter editor. Nick agreed, and the post was created.
Barry Hendy then asked if there were any other volunteers to serve as general members of the committee. Henry O’Mahoney and Alan Williams stated they were willing to serve and were co-opted onto the committee.
Barry Hendy then thanked the Cornish Supporters branch, DB and Barry Hardman for their help and support. He also thanked Sue and Nick for their hard work during the year.
Nick McFarlane thanked everyone for their support during his tenure as chairman and asked that everyone supported the new committee.

James Brent then addressed the meeting, and thanked everyone for their continued support of the club.
The meeting was then concluded and the social event continued with refreshments, the attendance of three players, Conor Hourihane, Luke Young and Tyler Harvey who mixed with everyone, and joined in the playing of chocolate bingo.

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