Liverpool Feedback

A MESSAGE from Argyle Chairman, James Brent.

WEDNESDAY night’s Emirates FA Cup match against Liverpool and the game at Anfield were ‎memorable experiences for those who could attend in person and for those who watched on television and listened to Argyle Player or the radio.

Derek, his coaching staff and team made us all proud – their performance was matched only by that of the Green Army, which was immense on both occasions.

To make these days successful, considerable effort and commitment was needed beyond the team and coaching staff, however. The efforts of all our staff, across all departments, were humbling and the Argyle Board of Directors is incredibly grateful to them, also. To safely arrange, install and sell an extra 2,000 seats in three working days, for example, was incredible.

However, we are a club that wants to continuously improve and end each day better than we started. The Green Army is what we are about and we would really appreciate your feedback. This will then be analysed and a report presented to the Board. We will publish what we have learned, where we did well, and where we feel we can do even better.

To inform us and help us improve, we would be grateful if you could send, to, your thoughts on:

• What went well?
• What would have been even better if?

Please put ‘Well/Better if’ in the subject line of your email.

Many thanks for your continued support.

James Brent


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