PADSA Statement

It is clear that there are many issues raised regarding the Liverpool game on Wednesday night. These issues concern the restricted viewing from the disabled stand created by the temporary seating put in under the grandstand. We (PADSA) have made the club aware of our disappointment, anger, and disbelief that this could happen. There was no prior knowledge that there might be an issue. Many people in the disabled stand left in disgust and went home to watch the game on TV. We (PADSA)had a meeting with a club official this morning and all our concerns/complaints were put forward. It is my view (Chairman) that it is now up to the Club to respond to these issues and it will be a sign of the clubs stance on its Disabled supporters and its intentions for the future. As a group we know what response we would like to see however the ball is firmly in the clubs court so Argyle don’t squander the chance to do the right thing we await your response.

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