Soccer Buddies In Cornwall


We are starting a new project as part of Viva at Volunteer Cornwall, called Soccer Buddies. The aim of the buddies is to enable more people, who have a disability, who want to watch sport, get to Argyle and other sporting events. We had our first run through on Saturday at the Plymouth v Luton match. We took a small party of people supported by volunteers along to work out timings and highlight any disability issues that we need to address. The date was chosen for two reasons, one we had a Luton supporter who wanted to see the match and second it was Accessible sports stadia and Disability Access Day.

Rose Taylor who is one of the buddies has written a short article about the visit, plus I have attached a few photos. If you could assist, we are interested in any Argyle fans who attend the matches and would be prepared to transport and support a person with a disability to go to the match. In return they could contribute towards petrol money. The disabled person would have to pay for their ticket, pie and a cuppa like all other spectators. To ensure the safety of the people we support would undertake a DBS check on the volunteers, as is the case in other volunteering roles.

Plymouth Argyle FC support the idea as do Plymouth Argyle Disabled Supporters Club.

Volunteers and mentors from the Viva project, Soccer Buddies, enjoyed a trip to Plymouth Argyle to watch the league match against Luton Town.
With the snow holding off and a good journey up, six Plymouth and one lonely Luton supporter went into Home Park with high hopes. Chris and mentor Alex arrived just in time for kick off, being the last of some 8 thousand people into the ground.
Seats found and programmes consulted, Matthew gave us a run through of the players and scores were confidently predicted. Sadly, Argyle weren’t listening and by half time, were one nil down.
Continuing a theme, we were pretty much the last group in the queue for food and got the very last pie in the place. Pasties had vanished long before we got to the counter.
Then it was time to mentor the mentors, as Alex revealed he’d never been to a football match before. Chris briefed him on where the home and away support was sitting, and that, despite the concerted yelling of seven thousand Argyle fans, their effort hadn’t been allowed to count as a goal.
Sadly for most of the group, Argyle lost. A very happy Luton supporter could be seen grinning as we left the ground.
Then it was a short walk back through the park with hundreds of other fans, and a long drive in the dark.
Overall, it was a fantastic day where everyone had a chance to enjoy themselves and even learn a bit. But, more importantly, we were able to sort out journey times, parking issues and seating arrangements, as well as strategic timing for the pasty queue, all of which will be important factors to consider if outings to Home Park are to be a regular event.

If anyone is interested in becoming a ‘soccer buddy volunteer’ or hearing more about the scheme then they can contact Terry Stanton at Volunteer Cornwall, on 07866536735 or email

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