PADSA met with Plymouth Argyle Football Club on Tuesday 7th February. The latest situation regarding feedback given for the cup fixtures against Liverpool is as follows:-

The Club have commissioned a report to be compiled of all the feedback received from supporters, both positive and negative. Once complete this report, and its recommendations, will be discussed by the Board of Directors and an action plan will be compiled. The Club has then said that the report, recommendations and action plan will be published in full. Whilst no exact date was given for this it was apparent that the Club are looking to get this done as quickly as possible.

PADSA are content with this response and will carefully review the report and its findings when published. We will then be in a clearer position to consider our response, if necessary, on behalf of our members. The Level Playing Field organisation have been kept constantly updated on the process and have been in contact with the Club on our behalf. They will also await the publication of the report.

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